Petr Mervart

Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Industry and Trade for Hydrogen Technologies, Czech Republic

Since 2019 is Petr Mervart working at the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. With his team he prepared the Hydrogen Strategy of the Czech Republic and now he is coordinating its fulfilment. He is also involved in other projects with the goal to decarbonise industry in the Czech Republic.

He started his professional career at Czech Technical University, where he was teaching and doing research in area of automatic control systems, AI and information technologies. He worked as a research fellow at University of Alberta, Canada and Kyoto University, Japan.

From university he moved to business, where he played various roles in IT companies, as Digital Equipment and Sun Microsystems, and in utility company E.ON, where he was responsible for coordination of large scale international programs in area of IT and human resources.