Hongxing Xie

Director of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA), core committee member of WIPO GREEN which is the Sustainable Technology Exchange of WIPO, member of Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database.

Graduated from the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge, Mr. Xie obtained a series of professional qualifications on innovation and patent, including the MATRIZ CEM, DFP (Design for Patentability), External Auditors of Intellectual Property Management System. In the area of cleantech and sustainability, Mr. Xie is an accredited Energy Manager (CEM) by the Association of Energy Engineers of the US and a certified auditor for both ISO14001 and cleaner production. As the director, Mr. Xie has established the patent strategy and high-value patent cultivation module within BCAA with inputs from international patent experts. The module provides trainings to raise patent awareness for cleantech companies, investors and researchers, and develop pilot projects for high-value patents cultivation. Before joining in BCAA, Mr. Xie has over 15 years industrial experience as he served at professional consultancies and international organizations on clean technology and environment protection. Mr. Xie participated in the design and implementation of a series of bilateral cooperation projects between China and Canada, Switzerland, the United States and other countries.