Jochen Spuck

Jochen Spuck, EconSight Chief Technology Officer

Jochen Spuck studied organic and inorganic chemistry at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and received his PhD in inorganic chemistry, working on polymers, electrochemistry and computational chemistry. After working as Head of R&D on roll-to-roll coating of papers and films in two SMEs, he headed the international support of Mettler Toledo’s sensor division. He then joined the Swiss Patent Office ( and worked from 2008 to 2018 as patent searcher and examiner, and most recently as Head of Product Development. He was head of the Artificial Intelligence group for patent search and landscaping and responsible for the digital toolbox of the patent search and examination division. As Head of Business Development for ip-search, the commercial brand of IGE for patent services, he was responsible for digital business methods and patent landscaping in the field of patents and IP, as well as for relations with corporate clients worldwide for IGE. He founded EconSight in 2019 together with Kai Gramke and is now responsible for defining, analyzing and evaluating technologies and technological activities of companies, while using his expertise for consulting on IP Innovation and Strategy.