Bratislava Will Host the World Hydrogen Conference

 Bratislava Will Host the World Hydrogen Conference

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Hydrogen in transport is no longer a question of the future. On the contrary, hydrogen vehicles have been already used also with the first hydrogen filling stations. The university sector in cooperation with the private company has recently introduced a protype of hydrogen bus.  Development of regional trains powered by hydrogen fuel cells has already started. Are you ready for the carbon neutral future?

,,Above mentioned reasons triggered the idea to organise the professional conference Hydrogen technologies! Ready for the future… Leaders in the car industry from United States, Germany and China have confirmed their participation guaranteeing the geographical balance of the event. Topics such as electricity vs. hydrogen and the status of research and development in these areas in Slovakia and worldwide will be discussed. Two-day international conference will take place on 9. – 10. December 2021 in Bratislava and will be “the icing on the cake” of the year 2021, in which we have even further approached the greener future “explains the President of the Industrial Property Office of Slovak Republic, Mr Matúš Medvec.The European Commission adopted a packet of proposals aimed to reduce the green gas emissions by at least 55% in 2030 compared to 1990. European climate neutrality is sustainable only by fundamental usage of energy from renewable sources or by introduction of low carbon transport.

,,What not so long ago seemed as an utopia, becomes a reality and we are pleased with this fact. We can found in the patent or utility models registers more and more applications that use hydrogen in all areas, whether it is industry or transport. However, hydrogen should substitute electro mobility only in areas, where it is more effective. On the other hand, the market itself will decide if this technology will be further used or not. Our task is to protect such technologies and enable their usage with the objective to reach the greener future,” added the President.

The conference is aimed at professionals, as well as non-professionals interested in the topic. Please follow website and social media of the Intellectual property office of Slovak republic for more information. Registration is open!

If you have more questions, please contact us by email, or by phone  +421/48/43 00 171.